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Welcome to the PacBio Sample Network!

SampleNet is a community resource for information on sample prep and sequencing with PacBio RS Systems. In addition to the latest official sample prep protocols and documents, it also contains draft protocols under development at PacBio and protocols from the community.


PacBio SMRT Sample Prep

Download Pacific Biosciences' latest template prep and sequencing guides, procedures & checklists, and quick reference cards.

The PacBio Binding Calculator is used to calculate binding and annealing reactions for preparing DNA samples for use on the PacBio RS and PacBio RS II sequencers.

Shared Protocols

Have you modified a PacBio template prep protocol, or developed your own protocol for preparing samples for the RS? Post your version of any steps in the sample prep process, including shearing, amplification, target enrichment, SMRTbell prep, polymerase binding, and automation.

Sample Prep Discussion Forums

Discussion about PacBio technology can be found in the Pacific Biosciences Forum in SEQanswers: http://seqanswers.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=39 as well as other sites. If you are a customer with a technical question, please contact tech support or your FAS: Supportgroup@pacificbiosciences.com or FASsupport@pacificbiosciences.com


Would you like to sequence an alternate type of template, or use the RS for a new or different application? Do you have a suggestion for improving or expanding any of our protocols? We’d like to hear from you. Please send your ideas to: PBFeedback@pacificbiosciences.com